Stages of Your Renovation

Stage 1: Demo

The first stage we call the Demo stage. It is during this stage that we demolish the existing architecture and remove all the debris. A good quality clean demo is key to a successful renovation. All precautions are taken to control dust, materials and create a clean, safe environment.

demo image demo imagedemo image demo image

Stage 2 : Rough-In

After all the demo work is completed we begin to build the new structures as per your new design. It may also involve working with a structural engineer.

Rough-in stage can involve electrical , plumbing, carpentry, sheet metal, gas fittings, insulating and drywall.

Rough In rough in Imagerough in Image rough in Image


Stage 3 : Finish

During this stage we complete the renovation. This can involve paint, doors, molding, cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, furniture, art work and accessories.

finished image finished image finished image finished image